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Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pens, Flexible Fine Brush Glitter Markers - 3 + 6 Pen Sets

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Sparkle Pen


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Spectrum Noir

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Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pens, Flexible Fine Brush Glitter Markers - 3 + 6 Pen Sets Your Choice of pen packs, MPN: SPECN-SPA-CLE3, SPECN-SPA-FALL3, SPECN-SPA-GLIT3, SPECN-SPA-PAST3, SPECN-SPA-SPRI3, SPECN-SPA-SUM3, SPECN-SPA-WINT3, SPECN-SPA-VIN3, SPECN-SPA-VINH3, SPECN-SPA-BEA3, SPECN-SPA-TEA3, SPECN-SPA-MET3, SPECN-SPA-CC6, SPECN-SPA-FG6 and SPECN-SPA-NT6.  Add a touch of creative Sparkle with these fabulous glitter pens from Spectrum Noir. The pens range in sets of on-trend seasonal colors containing fine glitter micro-pigment and featuring a flexible fine nylon brush for accurate, mess-free application. These pens are perfect for coloring, writing, embellishing, accenting and more! There are 33 shimmering colors in 11 themed three-piece color sets plus a set of three 'Crystal Clear' glitter topcoat pens for applying over existing color available and 3 themed six-piece color sets . You can effectively increase the number of colors by using a wetted brush to lighten the shade of a sparkle pen color that has already been applied. However, please do not dip the Sparkle Pen into water as doing so will adversely affect the formulation. See the color chart photo for the color sets available and please understand that the Clear Overlay pens are not in the chart (they are clear) and there is not any color charts yet for the 6 piece sets.. Use these beautiful pens in combination with your other art mediums. Use the Clear Overlay pens on top of existing colors to create a gorgeous sparkle! The flexible nylon bristles allow you to brush on bright, sparkly dashes of color to your writing, card making and scrapbooking projects. Let your imagination run free! Please note that the sample illustrations are not done with any specific Sparkle Pen Set but with different mediums and various Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pens. You may wish to purchase more than one set to get all of the colors you need for the results you desire. Makes a great Gift! Buy Yours Today! Notice: This is not a smoke free home. Smoking does not occur in the room with the stock and mailing supplies but air does circulate in the house. If you are sensitive to cigarette smoke, do not buy from me. Listing and template services provided by inkFrog